About Presage Consulting and Training

Specializing in risk reduction through threat assessment and management

pres-age: [n. pres-ij; v. pres-ij, pri-seyj] – noun:

1. something that portends or foreshadows a future event;

2. foresight or prescience

presage-training-scrabblePresage Consulting and Training, LLC is a boutique threat assessment and management firm focused solely on domestic violence. Created in 2008, through its founder’s experience in both domestic violence and threat assessment work, Presage offers a unique menu of informational services. Our consultations and trainings are specifically tailored to the custom needs of the client, featuring common sense applications and innovative solutions for everyday practice. We specialize in improving system-wide recognition of risk factors and the construction of effective, collaborative intervention programs. Presage serves public and private sector clients, ranging from law enforcement and advocates, to the federal government and Fortune 500 employers nationwide.

Why Choose Presage?

Because when it comes to assessing and managing domestic violence risk, practical experience counts. While some threat assessors take a generalist approach, covering everything from school safety to terrorism, Presage founder Lynn Fairweather concentrates solely on domestic violence, as she has done professionally for over 25 years. Her field history is “front line”, having worked directly with victims and offenders in thousands of real life cases. Through these experiences (as well as her own personal survival of domestic violence), Lynn has developed unique skills and perspective for dealing with high risk cases. Her study of threat assessment and management has led her to extensive training and networking, which allows Lynn to draw on a vast web of expert associates who can be sub-contracted to suit client needs. If you are charged with evaluating and handling high risk domestic violence cases, Presage Consulting and Training can provide you with the focused and precise expertise that your work requires.

Services offered by Presage include:

  • Custom in-person or web-based training designed specifically to address the needs of your organization
  • Engaging and interactive presentations for conferences of all sizes (keynote, plenary, panel, and breakout sessions)
  • Single or multiple session consultations on program development, threat assessment team formation and operation, and case management
  • On-call case consultation response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Subject matter expertise on policy and program structure
  • Expert witness and legislative testimony

 *Presage Consulting and Training, LLC is a fully insured, federally registered company