Stop Signs: Recognizing, Avoiding, and Escaping Abusive Relationships

A groundbreaking, go-to manual to help women everywhere avoid and escape  abusive relationships

Most abusers display warning signs that intelligent women miss—partly because these red flags are not always obvious, but mostly because the majority of women have not been trained to recognize them. In this innovative book, Lynn Fairweather—an expert in the field of intimate partner violence response and prevention—provides women with the information they need to recognize dangerous partners before they become victims of abuse.

Educational and empowering, Stop Signs exposes the discernible attributes, tactics, and deterrents of abusers, arming readers with the tools they need to choose a safe and loving partner. In the first section, Fairweather familiarizes readers with the topic of intimate partner violence and explains how to develop the combination of self-esteem, preparation, and assertive awareness that can protect women from involvement with abusive individuals; in the second section, she explores the minds of abusers, explaining what visible signs of danger are present in their attitudes and actions; and in the last section, she provides women with effective strategies for safe extraction should they find themselves involved with an abuser.

An essential guide for women everywhere, Stop Signs contains the life-saving information needed by anyone who is living with abuse, knows someone who is, or wishes to avoid becoming involved in a potentially deadly relationship.

Stop Signs: Recognizing, Avoiding, and Escaping Abusive Relationships (Seal Press 2012) is available at, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers, including independent bookstores.