About Presage Consulting and Training

Specializing in domestic violence threat assessment and management

pres-age: [n. pres-ij; v. pres-ij, pri-seyj] – noun:

1. something that portends or foreshadows a future event;

2. foresight or prescience

“Intimate Partner Homicide is not random, nor the result of an explosion, but rather an often foreseeable and in many cases preventable event.”

Presage Consulting and Training was created in 2008, as the logical evolution of it’s founder’s experience in both domestic violence prevention and the field of threat assessment and management. By blending the art of victim services with the science of risk measurement and control, practitioner Lynn Fairweather has developed a unique menu of services with a specific and meaningful goal:

“The mission of Presage is to bring the valuable knowledge of elite government and private protection firms to one of the world’s least guarded and resourced groups, victims of high lethality domestic violence.”

The consulting and training services offered by Presage are specifically tailored to the custom needs of the client, featuring specialized education, concrete tools, and workable solutions for everyday practice. Clients include both public and private sector groups such as criminal justice professionals, victim advocates, government entities, private employers, and community groups nationwide. If your organization has a stake in the prevention of intimate partner violence, Presage can help you define and meet your most crucial training and planning goals.

We specialize in providing engaging, informative trainings and consultations in the area of domestic violence threat assessment and management for the workplace or community. Presage also designs and evaluates workplace violence prevention programs and offers policy and compliance reviews. Additional services include 24/7 response to individual threat team cases. With innovative ideas and consistent professionalism, Presage Consulting and Training can help your organization to create an effective, state-of-the-art, response to domestic violence threat.

For more information on the topic of domestic violence, please check out Lynn’s groundbreaking 2012 book “Stop Signs: Avoiding, Recognizing, and Escaping Abusive Relationships” at www.stopsignsbook.com or Amazon.com

About Lynn Fairweather

24 Years of Threat Assessment Experience

Lynn Fairweather, M.S.W. is a domestic abuse survivor who has specialized in interpersonal violence response and prevention since 1993. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science and a Master’s degree in Social Work, both from Portland State University. Throughout her career, Lynn has been employed in a variety of areas such as criminal justice, university, non-profit, and psychiatric settings where she has received multiple awards and commendations for her work.

Lynn currently operates Presage Consulting and Training, a firm that focuses on assessing and managing domestic violence threats in the workplace and community. Through this work she provides specialized training and consultation for public and private sector professionals on recognizing and responding to domestic violence cases. Over the past two decades, Lynn has provided hundreds of trainings on topics of interpersonal violence for groups of all sizes nationwide. She has been educated and certified by multiple “train-the-trainer” programs including Homeland Security’s Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and Gavin de Becker’s Advanced Threat Assessment Academy.

In addition, Lynn has also facilitated and written curricula for survivor support groups and batterer’s intervention programs as well as several locally distributed victim assistance guides. Her first book “Stop Signs: Recognizing, Avoiding, and Escaping Abusive Relationships (Seal Press) was released in Spring 2012, and her second book, a compilation titled “Tales of Women Survivor” (Asta Publishing) was released in 2014.  Lynn has participated in both state and county level interpersonal violence task forces and has worked on a successful multi-disciplinary lethality response team. Ms. Fairweather is an accomplished threat assessment practitioner, a member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, and the president of the Oregon Violence Against Women Political Action Committee.