Book Reviews

What readers of “Stop Signs” are saying:

“Ms. Fairweather has crafted an excellent guidebook for anyone wanting to avoid the nightmare of domestic violence or to finally make a safe escape. She’s lived with intimate partner violence, and she’s clearly grown stronger from the experience. In Stop Signs, Ms. Fairweather shares that experience, as well as the lessons she learned in the trenches of shelters, police agencies, and courts. This translates into simple, step-by-step approaches to help potential and current victims recognize the danger signs, find the resolve to stop the destructive process, and take effective action to live full, free lives. Three cheers to her and to Seal Press for a job well done.”

 Detective David Williams, Editor of “Cage Fight in the Kitchen”


“While I have read several books on domestic violence, I have never seen one as comprehensive as Stop Signs…This book serves as a resource, a safety plan, and offers self-help empowerment all in one. It is an intuitive read and also gives voice to survivors in dialog boxes that are strategically placed to drive home the teachable moments.  This style is in keeping with Lynn’s “lived experience” as she too is a survivor of domestic violence and is therefore able to bring a personal as well as a professional perspective to the topic.”

Larry Kaminer, President of The Personal Safety Training Group


“This book is necessary and should be read by every man and woman. Stop Signs: Recognizing, Avoiding and Escaping Abusive Relationships is an extremely important, well-written and concise book on helping women live full and healthy lives away from abusive men.”

Jillian L. Schweitzer, “Atlas” Book Review


“Stop Signs is a book that will save lives! It is a compelling survival guide in which the author uses real-life examples to bring her lessons alive. It offers victims and intended victims the gift of hope.  The preventive elements should be taught in middle school.”

Captain Robert J. Martin (LAPD 1966-1994), Vice President and Managing Principal, Gavin de Becker & Associates


“I found this book both riveting and educational at the same time. I could not put it down. Lynn Fairweather marries personal experience, training, and education into a practical summary on how to avoid or get out of an abusive relationship.This book should be mandatory reading for all women. Stop Signs clearly lays out patterns to watch for and what you can do to protect yourself and others, but most importantly how to stay safe and get your life back. Her genuine concern for abuse victims is evident in every chapter. I truly feel she has saved lives by writing this book.Thank you Lynn, for caring so much about victims who are so often forgotten.”

Donna Brown, Threat Assessment and Body Language Expert, Analies Enterprises


“Lynn Fairweather writes with a uniquely authoritative voice as the survivor of life-threatening domestic violence and an expert with decades of experience in helping other victims safety plan and escape. She provides a wealth of practical information as well as hope. When she writes, ‘I conquered an abusive relationship and healed. You will, too,’ you believe her.”

 Lynn Hecht Schafran, JD, Director, National Judicial Education Program, Legal Momentum


“Stop Signs provides readable, direct advice that should be required reading for women of all ages. Examples drawn from Fairweather’s extensive background working with abuse survivors, and from her own personal history, help the reader understand the wealth of information this book provides.”

Ronnie B. Harmon, Ph.D., Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, New York University School of Medicine