Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Domestic Violence (DV) can be a damaging and insidious enemy to employers, endangering staff and stealing money from right beneath a company’s nose. It affects up to 60% of all women, as well as men and members of the LGBTQ community. When victims go from home to work, the abuse they experience often follows, resulting in costly and dangerous “spillover” issues that management may not even know about. If information on DV isn’t flowing easily between staff, supervisors, security, and HR then the company is “flying blind”, and won’t expect the potential safety hazards and legal liabilities that may ensue. In that space of darkness an employer is unaware, unengaged with the victim, and therefore perilously unprepared.

Working with Presage Helps Employers Move From Darkness to Light 

Although DV is a complex and concerning issue for employers, Presage Consulting and Training specializes in helping them transform to a position of  confident awareness. When a company works with us, their key personnel are trained, ready for anything, and armed with the knowledge to sucessfully engage employees who are affected by DV.  Management learns how to recognize and respond to DV sensitively and effectively, while  threat teams improve their case management skills. Most importantly,  leadership gains peace of mind in knowing that they can call us for expert guidance whenever needed. In time, that strong partnership can yield multiple business benefits, such as:

  • Greater overall safety of the workplace
  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Lower mental and physical health care costs
  • Reduced legal liability
  • Improved employee retention
  • Positive public relations
  • Enhanced reputation as an employer

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To find out just how much DV may be costing your company in particular, enter your information here in the Texas Health Resources

Domestic Violence Cost Calculator. Then let us help you to lower that number permanently!