Dark Matter: Exploring the Link Between Domestic Violence and Mass Murder

As mass murder events become increasingly more common in America’s public spaces, researchers are discovering that many incidents have roots which are far closer to home. Emerging studies indicate that nearly 60% of mass murders are domestic violence related, presenting the opportunity to help prevent one type of targeted violence by addressing another. In this unique 90 minute training, domestic violence threat assessment expert Lynn Fairweather uses real case examples to demonstrate the connection between domestic violence and mass murder. Participants will explore the mentality and motive of DV related mass murderers, learning risk factors along the way that can help them to identify high-lethality subjects before they strike. Audience members will learn about various risk assessment tools, in addition to micro and macro level response and prevention strategies. Includes a focus on the role of firearms in domestic and public violence, as well as the legal loopholes that often fail to protect both primary and corollary victims.

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