The Firewall: How Corporate Security Can Prevent Domestic Violence Attacks

94% of corporate security directors rank domestic violence (DV) as a high security concern, due to the immense safety risks it presents. From communicated threats, to onsite assaults, and mass shootings, DV “spillover” poses a significant danger, accounting for roughly 25-45% of the cases corporate security teams deal with annually. Additionally, American industry is losing over 10 billion dollars a year due to the absenteeism, lost productivity, employee turnover, liability, and increased health care costs associated with DV. Learn how to assess and manage DV threat through this unique, multimedia presentation, facilitated by subject matter expert Lynn Fairweather. This training provides a flexible, practical framework for preventing violent attacks in the workplace, using a combination of theoretical insights and target hardening tactics. The first portion presents cutting edge research, along with key “lessons learned” in real-life workplace homicide cases. Participants will discover what makes DV a “different animal”, and examine key threat assessment concepts for identifying and interpreting risk. In the second half of the training, attendees will explore ways to develop and implement a toolbox of case management strategies that can prevent spillover attacks. Special focus areas include dual-employee cases, mitigating “corollary” risk, working with victims, and collaborating with other departments to obtain and disseminate vital information.

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