Domestic Violence Social Services Trainings

Presage Offers Customized Social Services Training on a Variety of Domestic Violence Topics

Lynn-fairweather-speakingThe Sexually Violent Batterer: Assessing Risk in Dual Perpetrators

Research shows that domestic violence perpetrators who also sexually abuse their intimate partner are an exceptional group, a “different breed” of abuser that is potentially far more dangerous than one who physically abuses alone. Learn about the characteristics, tactics, and motives of so-called “dual perpetrators” and discover how to assess their behavior with an eye toward femicide prevention. Participants will explore the issue of intimate partner sexual violence and recognize risk factors associated with perpetrator lethality. Sensitive, culturally competent victim screening practices will be covered, as well as the utility of actuarial assessment tools. This training is appropriate for law enforcement, advocates, health workers, and criminal justice professionals.
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Recognizing and Responding to Intimate Partner Violence in Families

This new training aims to teach professional clinicians how to identify and react to the presence of partner violence within the family unit. The content features an overview of the impact, foundations, and dynamics of abuse followed by concrete information about the signs of family violence and suggestions for how to respond. Includes sample scripts for approaching suspected victims, referral resources, and a question and answer session. Participants will leave with an increased knowledge of intimate partner violence and new skills for screening and assisting affected clients.
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Domestic Violence Awareness

This interactive presentation covers the basics of domestic violence including dynamics, types of abuse, myths and facts, and cycles of violence. Also discussed are reasons why victims stay, and how to support survivors. Appropriate for all audiences with a limited or varying understanding of domestic violence.
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